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MOORE, Mrs. Susanne Vandegrift, editor and publisher, born in Rucks county, Pa., 15th May, 1848. She was educated in a female seminary in Philadelphia, Pa. She taught for several years after graduation in private and public schools. In 1877 she was married, and with her husband moved to St. Louis. Mo., where she has since resided. She became a regular contributor to the St. Louis "Spectator," and contributed to the woman's department of the New York "World." SUSANNE VANDEGRIFT MOORE A woman of the century (page 528 crop).jpgSUSANNE VANDEGRIFT MOORE. Thrown upon her own resources, she began in 1889 the publication of an illustrated weekly journal, "St. Louis Life," of which she is editor and owner. The venture has been successful, and she now has a comfortable income from it. Her work is of a character that attracts and holds readers, and her sprightly journal is a fixture in St. Louis. She has found a way to demonstrate the capacity of woman to cultivate one of the arduous fields of labor, generally supposed to demand the services of men only.