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Zoological Illustrations Volume II Plate 93.jpg

PAPILIO Pandrosus.

Specific Character.

P. (G. Caud.) alis atris, fasciâ communi posticarumque lunulis marginalibus flavis; his caudatis, punctorum rubrorum striga intermediâ. G.
Pap. (G. Caud.) wings black; with the common band and marginal lunules on the lower wings, yellow; lower wings with obtuse tails, and a row of red dots between the nerves.—Godart.
Pap. Pandrosus. Godart. En. Meth. vol. ix. p. 62. No. 101.

M. Godart has anticipated me in the first publication of this, and a great many other newly discovered Brazilian insects; it has, however, not been figured; and I take this opportunity of expressing my doubts, whether this and the next are not sexes of the same species, rather than two, permanently distinct. I have not, at this particular time, the means of referring either to my notes or my collections, by which the recollection I have on the subject might be in some way confirmed; and, until this is done, it is much better retaining the two insects as distinct species: the figures of both will show their very close resemblance, in every thing but the bands on the upper surface of the wings. I found them common in the province of Rio de Janeiro.