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20th century Models
List of images

cover Index The Wayner bros Co. "LA REINE" Warner's 333. Warner's 222. Warner's 616. Warner's AAA. Warner's FFF. Warner's 607. Warner's 601. Warner's Eclipse Nursing Warner's 600. Warner's FB 2. Warner's Sunrise. Warner's Miss's Corset. Warner's 620. Warner's 444. Warner's 609. Warner's Whalebone Hip 608. Warner's 888. Warner's 999. Warner's 602. Warner's 65. Warner's 67. Warner's 69. Warner's 64. Warner's 62. Warner's 52. Warner's 53. Warner's 50. Warner's Coraline Corset. Warner's  Health Corset. Warner's Four-in-Hand Corset. Warner's High Bust Health Corset. Dr. Warner's  French Pattern Health Corset. Dr. Warner's Abdominal corset. Warner's Heaith Nursing corset. Warner's KKK Warner's COLD WAVE Warner's AAA Warner's 66 Warner's 617 Warner's 68 Warner's 55 Warner's 51 Warner's SENSATION. Warner's LENOX Warner's RECORD Warner's MINERVA Warner's TRIUMPH Warner's TROPHY Warner's Seldom. Warner's La Violette. Warner's Good Luck—Misses. Warner's Gem. Warner's GLEAM Summer. Warner's LA VIOLETTE Warner's Triumph—Dress Form. Warner's ICICLE. Warner's SPRITE. Warner's SYLPH. vignette Warner's WAIST 2. Warner's WAIST 5. Warner's Waist 42. Warner's Miss's Waist. Warner's WAIST 44 Warner's Lady's Waist. Warner's Waist 46. Warner's Corset Warner's 620 Warner's KKK Warner's 67 cover