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Charles Thomas Druery
British botanist.


  • Versatile Verses, 1873.
  • The Rocking of the Lilies: and other Poems, Grave and Humorous, 1882.
  • On the Newly-discovered Phenomenon of Apospory in Ferns, 1885.
  • Choice British Ferns: their Varieties and Culture, 1888.
  • The new Gulliver, or, Travels in Athomia: inspired by and dedicated to Chronanthropos Sophilio, 1897.
  • British Ferns and their Varieties, 1900.
  • The Book of British Ferns, 1903.
  • "Polypodium vulgare in Great Britain" in the American Fern Journal, Vol. 1., 1911.
  • A Pig's Tale: A Goblin Story and other Recitations, 1914.