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Kenneth MacNichol
American author, advertiser and journalist, who served in World War I and later diagnosed with Shell Shock. Sometimes used the pen name O. M. Cabral.[1]


  • The King’s Idol (1909)
  • The Petaluma Product (1909)
  • Pan (1917, play) — no copy of this play is known to exist; it is now a lost work.
  • The Faerie Fool (1918, play)
  • Enough Is Plenty (1918)
  • Home for Breakfast (1919)
  • That Kind of a Man (1920)
  • The Twenty-Seventh Story (1921)
  • He Missed the Train (1922)
  • The Affair Mouchard (1923)
  • The Devil’s Assistant (1923)
  • The Nose of Papa Hilaire (1923)
  • Freight (1923)
  • Between the Days (1925)
  • The Piper of Kerimor (1927)
  • Twelve Lectures on the Technique of Fiction Writing (1929, non-fiction)
  • A Gamble in Gold Bricks (1931)
  • Murder Delayed (1935)
  • The Dead and the Damned (1936) — as "O. M. Cabral"
  • Horror Has Blind Eyes (1936) — as "O. M. Cabral"
  • Drowned Men Never Rest (1938) — as "O. M. Cabral"
  • The Devil’s Well (1940)
  • Drums of the Dead (1940)
  • Mirage (1941) — as "O. M. Cabral"
  • Unhallowed Holiday (1941) — as "O. M. Cabral"


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