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Norman Taylor
Anglo-American botanist.

Standard botanical author abbreviation: N.Taylor


  • Editor of the Journal of the International Garden Club (1917-1919)
  • Botany, The Science of Plant Life (1922)
  • Editor of botany, ornamental horticulture and forestry for Webster's New International Dictionary (2nd ed.) (1926-1934)
  • Taylor's Encyclopedia of Gardening (ca. 1935)
  • Botanical editor for Webster's New International Dictionary (ca. 1945)
  • Flight from Reality (1949); reprinted as Narcotics, Nature's Dangerous Gifts (1961)
  • The Ageless Relicts, the Story of Sequoia (1963)
  • Plant Drugs that Changed the World (1965)
  • Botanical editor for American Heritage Dictionary (1965)