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CARLIELL, ROBERT (d. 1622?), poet, is the author of a scarce volume entitled 'Britaines Glorie; or an Allegorical Dreame with the Exposition thereof: containing the Heathens lnfidelitie, the Turkes Blasphemis, the Popes Hypocriaie, Arnsterdsms Varietie, the Church of Englands Veritie in Religion. And in our Church of England, the Excellency. His Issues Integritie.’ The Nobles and Gentries Constancie. The Councels and Indges Fidslitie. The Preachers and the Bishops Sinceritie. Conceived and written by Robert Carliell, Gent., for the love and honour of his and Country,' London, 1619. This allegorical poem, in forty-two six-line stanza, is followed by a prose exposition, in which the glories of the church of England are further described. A singular attack on tobacco figures in the early pages. In the British Museum Library are three copies of ths world, two dated 1620, and a third dated 1622. New certain is known of the author. The will of a citizen and leatherseller of London of the same name, dated 9 Oct. 1822, was proved on 7 Nov. following. This Robert Carliell had a son Robert, who according to the will had treated his father very undutifully.

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