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Charles von Hügel by Anatole von Hügel
Memoirs and Addresses
Page 1 and title extracts of the Memoirs and Addresses


title extracts of sections I-IV

I. Memorial Address

by Dr Julius Wiesner. Translated from the German by Anatole von Hügel.
Karl Freiherr von Hügel, Hortologe, Geograph und Staatsman. Gedenkrede gehalten anlässlich der Enthüllung des Hügeldenkmals, am 3. October 1901, von Dr Julius Wiesner, k. k. Hofrath u. Universistäts-professor in Wien. Vienna, 1901. 8vo.

II. Biographical Sketch

by Alfred von Reumont. Translated from the German by Friedrich von Hügel.
Carl Freiherr Von Hügel. By Alfred Baron von Reumont [later Prussian Minister at Florence]. Biographische Denkblätter. Leipzig, 1878. 8vo

III. In Memoriam

by Lady Georgiana Fullerton
In Memoriam. His Excellency the Baron Charles von Hügel. By Lady Georgiana Fullerton. Privately Printed. 1870. 4to.

IV. Presentation Address

by W. R. Hamilton, F.R.S. President of the Royal Geographical Society of London.
Presentation of the Gold Medals at the Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Geographic Society of London, held May 28,1849. See Journal Royal Geographical Society of London. Vol. XIX.