Executive Order 5700

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Signed by President  Herbert Hoover  Monday, August 31, 1931 External Information about this EO  
See the Notes section for a list of Executive Orders affected by or related to the issuance of this Executive Order

Executive Order No. 9 of January 17, 1873, is hereby amended so as to permit officers of the Public Health Service, upon recommendation of the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service and the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, to hold office in State, Territorial, or local health organizations, in order to cooperate with and aid State, Territorial, or local health departments; and to permit State, Territorial, or local health officials or employees, unless prohibited by law, to hold office in the Public Health Service when the Surgeon General and the Secretary of the Treasury deem such employment necessary to secure a more efficient administration of the duties imposed upon the Public Health Service.

Signature of Herbert Hoover
Herbert Hoover 
The White House,
August 31, 1931.


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