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Canadian Alpine Journal I, 2.djvu


Three Attempts on Pinnacle. By P. D. McTavish 197
The First Ascent of Mt. Garibaldi. By A. T. Dalton 205
A Day on Sir Donald. By Frank W. Freeborn 211
Expedition to Lake O'Hara. By R. L. Glisan 216
Nature Benigna. Poem by Theodore Watts-Dunton. (From "The Coming of Love") 223
The Causes of Mountain Forms in the Canadian Rockies. By A. P. Coleman, M.A., Ph.D., University of Toronto 224
Mt. Stephen Rocks and Fossils. By Dr. Chas. Walcott, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution 232
The Nature and Activity of Canadian Glaciers. By Prof. William Hittell Sherzer, Michigan State College 249
Botanical Notes.
The Orchidaceae of the Rocky and Selkirk Mountains. By Julia W. Henshaw 264
Flora of the Saskatchewan and Athabasca Rivers. By Mary T. S. Schaffer 268
Glacier Observations 1906-1907.
Motion of the Yoho Glacier. By Arthur O. Wheeler, F. R. G. S 271
Paradise Valley Camp. By Francis C. Walker 276
Untrodden Ways. By Mary T. S. Schaffer 288
The Alpine Club's Jubilee. By Arthur O. Wheeler, F.R.G.S. 295
In Memoriam.
Colonel Aime Laussedat. Biographical Sketch, by E. Deville, LL.D 310
Alpine Club Notes. Editorial 314
Report of Secretary 320
Statement of Treasurer 324
Report of Librarian 325
Report of 1907 Camp 328
Report of Chief Mountaineer 329
Expeditions 330
Receipts and Expenditures, Paradise Valley Camp 334
The Ice Forefoot of the Yoho Glacier. To accompany "Motion of the Yoho Glacier" by Arthur O. Wheeler 275