Mine and Thine (1904)/The Clouds

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For works with similar titles, see The Clouds.
For other versions of this work, see The Clouds (Coates).
Mine and Thine (1904) by Florence Earle Coates
The Clouds


The clouds give back to earth again
 The moisture they absorb;
An atom floating in the sun
 Is lasting as an orb.

We fear lest ill should fly itself,
 And wrong at last prevail:
Lest good should lack its just reward
 And light untimely fail:

We falter, and distrust the fate
 We may not understand;
Interrogate the oracle,
 When God is close at hand.

And still the clouds go drifting by,
 Or fall in fruitful rain:
High over us the stars, undimmed,
 Benignant shine again;

And from that temple, viewless, vast,
 Where failure is unknown,
The Father of existences
 Keeps watch above his own.