Order 6: Eviction of Persons Illegally Occupying Public Buildings

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Pursuant to my authority as Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA),
and the laws and usages of war, and consistent with relevant U.N. Security Council
resolutions, including Resolution 1483 (2003),

Recognizing that the assets and property of the Iraqi Ba`ath Party constitute State assets,

Affirming the CPA’s commitment to counter the threat to security and civil order posed
by the illegal occupation of public property and improper disposition of that property,

Acting on behalf, and for the benefit, of the Iraqi people,

I hereby promulgate the following:

Section 1


1) The CPA now exercises control over all public property and all property formerly
owned by the Ba`ath Party within Iraq. Any individual or groups determined to be
in illegal occupation of such public property shall be evicted.

2) The determination of illegal occupancy for purposes of this Order shall be made
by the Commander of Coalition Forces or his designee.

Section 2


The CPA Facility Manager shall prepare and maintain an inventory describing the
location and contents of all public property and property formerly owned by the
Ba`ath Party within Iraq.

Section 3
Right of Appeal

Individuals or groups who are evicted from public property, or property formerly
owned by the Ba`ath Party within Iraq, may appeal their eviction by submitting, to
the Administrator or his designee, written evidence showing a valid right of
occupancy, such as evidence of purchase for full value, or that the property did not
properly fall within Section 1 of this Order.

CPA /ORD/8 June 2003/06

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