Orders 31-3

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Department of the Army Order 31-3  (1978) 
United States Department of the Army
This is the Department of the Army order to enact Public Law 94-479, the promotion of George Washington to General of the Armies of the United States.

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Orders 31-3 Cover Letter.jpg
Orders 31-3.jpg
Cover Letter Orders 31-3

                          Department of the Army
                          Washington, D.C. 20310

ORDERS 31-3                                             13 March 1978

The following officer is promoted posthumously in the Regular Army of
the United States as indicated.

Authority: Joint Resolution of Congress dated 19 January 1976, approved
by the President of the United States on 11 October 1976.

                                    Grade                    Effective
Name, Branch                     promoted to                   date
------------                     -----------                 ---------
Washington, George, USA         General of the Armies       4 July 1976
                                of the United States

                            Clifford L. Alexander, Jr. (signature)
                            Clifford L. Alexander, Jr.
                            Secretary of the Army

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