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The land is subject to mortgage to the Queensland National Bank, Limited, under registered mortgages Nos. 213098, 275781, 311189, and No. A 75049. Portion of it, comprising 5 acres 1 rood 3·7 perches is now leased to the Brisbane City Council for use as a park. The remainder is held by The Queensland Turf Club under registered lease No 802163 in favour of Charles Andrew Morris as Chairman for and on behalf of the Club for t·wenty-one years from 22nd September, 1920. This lease provides for a yearly rental of £700, to be satisfied by the payment of interest due by the lessors on the said n1ortgages or any subsequent mortgages in substitution therefor. The lessee contracts to keep all improvements in repair and to expend not less than £20,000 on improvements during the first year of the lease. In fact, the lessee has expended very much larger sums during the term of the lease. The trustees are financially able to complete and carry out tbe terms of the mortgages, and the Club is financially able to complete and carry out all · obligations imposed by the lease. In addition to the lands so held under lease, the Club has acquired and holds in fee-simple, in the name of its Chairman, and uses as part of its racecourse, an adjoining area of l rood 25·5 perches, being the land described in certificate of title No. 302720, Volume 1650, Folio 210. This portion is at present held by Mr. Morris, as trustee for the Club, under nomination of trustees No. 24030, dated 30th June, 1928. The Eagle Farm Racecourse comprises five tracks, as follows :- The Course Proper (Grass) .. The Big Grass, or Two-Year-Old Track The Sand Track (Sand) The Cinder Track (Cinders) The Litt.Ie Grass Track 1 mile 2 furlongs 15 yards. I , I furlong I43 , .. 1 ,I" 80 1 " 1 " 33 ,, I , 0 180 " The cours·e proper contains a straight of about 2 furlongs to the winning-post. Its minimum width is 100 feet, and no turn is of a less radius than 10 chains. The four training . tracks are well constructed and well suited for use in the various stages of training. The appointments embrace three enclosures for the public, viz. :-The Paddock, the Leger, and the Flat. Large Grand and Members' Stands have been erected in the Paddock and a smaller but still large Grandstand in the Leger. On the Flat is a large covered shelter-shed. These are all of up-to~date construction and in excellent condition. Modern Hodsdon auton1atic totalisators, well-housed, serve all three enclosures. Jockeys are provided with suitable and well~appointed changing and bath rooms. An adequate number of horse stalls have been erected. The extensive lawns and pl"omenades are kept in first-class order and are well provided with shade trees. The other appointments, including Refreshment Rooms, Bars, &c., are ample.