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Davies, W. Chappell, W. H. Cummings, J. Knight, Walter Thornbury, H. H. Statham, C. K. Salaman, Clement Scott, E. Prout, H. Suther- land Edwards, H. Howe, H. C. Lunn, Joseph Bennett, etc. The following specially interesting articles appeared in this paper : Recollections of Catalani, Czerny, Mozart's son, Mozart's widow, Charles Neate, Schumann, Thalberg, the Phil- harmonic Society, the Lent Oratorios, the Shake- speare Jubilee of 1830, etc., etc., by C. K. Salaman ; A comparison of the original and revised scores of Elijah, by Joseph Bennett; Witty French Songs of the last century, by W. Chappell ; Helmholtz's New Musical Theories, by W. Chappell ; London Choirs, by Rev. Maurice Davies ; Portraits of Old Actors (Betterton, Kemble, Kean, Charles Matthews the elder, etc.) by Walter Thornbury ; Don Juan and Faust, by H. Sutherland Edwards; Purcell's works, by Dr. Rimbault ; Purcell's Yorkshire Feast and Theatre Music, by W. H. Cummings ; and a series of interesting facsimiles, letters and a song by Handel, caricature of Handel, auto- graph of J. S. Bach, MS. and letters of C. P. E. Bach, etc. A weekly list of services in London churches, and a Shakespearean calendar were also included. The publication was withdrawn in 1876.

The London and Provincial Music Trades Review, large 4to, was started in Nov. 1877, and appears on the i^th of each month. Besides much information on the trades connected with music, patents, bankruptcies, etc., it has full notices of concerts and other musical events, and reviews of both books and music, lists of new inventions and publications, and much miscella- neous intelligence. The reviews are signed by the authors, Mr. Henry F. Frost, and Mr. T. Percy M. Betts, the latter of whom is understood to be the editor. [J. A. F.M.]


Z' 'Art musical, a weekly journal started by M. L^on Escudier, first appeared Dec. 6, 1860. It is published every Tuesday, and contains 8 pages of two or three columns. Among the con- tributors the following may be mentioned : Scudo, F. de Villars, Ad. de Pontecoulant, G. Chouquet, A. de Lauzieres-The"mines, Ernest Thoinau, Edmond Neukomm, Paul Laconne, J. Ruelle, A. Vizertini, etc. The following are some of the most interesting articles which have appeared : ' Mes Souvenirs ' (L. Escudier) ; ' Les Chants nationaux de la France ' (G. Chouquet) ; ' Les Iphigenies de Gluck ' and ' Les freres Ricci ' (F. de Villars) ; ' Mangars ' and ' Deplorations de G. Cre'tin sur le tre'pas de Jean Okeghem ' (E. Thoinau) ; ' C. M. v. Weber ' (E. Neukomm), besides interesting notices.

Bibliographic Musicale franyaise, a monthly publication, begun Jan. 1875 by the Chambre Byndicale du commerce de musique, is a catalogue of all musical works published in France.

La Chronique Musicale. Two entirely distinct periodicals have appeared under this name ; the first in 1865-66, edited by M. Malibran, contain-



��ing some very good articles ; the second in July 1873. lasting till June 1876, edited by M.Arthur Heulhard, which appeared fortnightly (8vo.), and

I? Echo des Orpheons, begun in Paris in 1861, and at first edifed by Ernest Gebauer (nephew to the bassoon player of the same name), who con- tinued to be at the head of it for many years, and now managed by M. Victor Lory, under the direction of M. Laurent de Rille". Besides criti- cisms, etc. this paper issues part-songs, choruses, etc. It is published two or three times a month.

L'Europe artiste, in which music occupies but a secondary place, was begun in 1853, and is now edited by M. Elie FreTmult. It is a weekly jour- nal of the drama and the fine arts.

La France chorale. This journal appeared three times a month from Nov. 1861. M. J. F. Vaudin, a clever but intemperate writer, chiefly known by the poetry which he wrote for part- songs, choruses, etc., being the editor until his death in 1869, when the journal was re-consti- tuted under the title of La France chorale ; le Moniteur des Orphans et des Societes instrumen* tales. It now appears only twice a month, the editor being M. Camille de Vos. It is not only devoted to the interests of choral music, but contains accounts, criticisms, etc. of orchestral music.

La France musicale. A weekly journal which appeared from Dec. 1837 to July 1870, under the direction of MM. Marie and Le"on Escudier, con- taining biographies and many other articles of interest. Among its contributors at different times were Castil-Blaze and J. Maurel, MM. MeVy, Philarete Chasles, V. Schcelcher, etc.

Le Journal de musique. A weekly publica- tion, containing 4 pages of letter- press and a pieces of music, edited by M. Armaud Gouzier ; the property of M. Paul Dalloy.

Journal special de musique militaire. This pub- lication has for 17 years continued under the direction of M. Tilliard, issuing 24 pieces of music for military bands in the year.

Le Menestrel. [See M^NESTBEL.]

Le Monde artiste. A weekly journal of 8 pages, founded in 1860. It was for some time very unimportant, but now, having become the property of M. Achille Lemoine, and having for its editor M. Jules Ruelle, it is the greatest authority on the dramatic and musical doings in the departments of France and in Algeria.

The other musical periodicals of France will be noticed under their several heads. [G.C.]


Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung [see LEIPZIG, ii. 115], Oct. 1798 Dec. 28, 1848. The import- ance of this periodical for information on all musical matters during the first half of the I9th century will be best estimated from the conclud- ing remarks of the publishers in the last number. This journal was founded when musical pro- duction was at its richest and best. Mozart was not long dead, Haydn was near the end, and Beethoven at the beginning of his career. To bring the works of such a period as this before

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