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Gulielmus de Nassau, Prince of Orange.— Margaret Wentworth, youngest daughter to the first Earl of Strafford; by Lely. —Sir Christopher Wordsworth; half-length, by Cornelius Janssen. Henry Vere Earl of Oxford, lord high chamberlain; obiit 1625. Boys blowing bubbles, and eating oysters, very fine; by Lely. —A large Landscape, by Paul Veronese. —An Holy Family, by Andrea del Sarti. —Henry Prince of Wales, a small half-length, most beautiful.

A small imaginary portrait of our Saviour, three quarters, painted on wood with this inscription:

" This present figure is the similitude of our Lord
" J.H.S. our Saviour, imprinted on an emerald by
" the predecessors of the great Turke, and sent to
" Pope Innocent the Eighth, for a token to redeem
" his brother that was taken prisoner."

A large Landscape with ruins; Nic. Poussin.

Over the door, a Portuguese Courtezan, and an old man paying his court to her by feeding her parrot; Paul Giordano.

Charlotte de la Tremouille Countess of Derby; ætat. 18, 1634. She was wife of James the 7th Earl of Derby; her name will long stand high in the annals of heroism, for her gallant defence of Lathom-House and the isle of Man. It was her