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No. I.

Vocabularies of the Dialects spoken by different tribes inhabiting the Coast of Africa, from Mosambique to the borders of Egypt, with a few others spoken in the Interior of that Continent.

Vocabularies of the Makooa and Monjou Languages.

English. Makooa. Manjou. Native Dialect, from Dos Sestos. God, Whetitoh. Moloongo. Ioluno. Sun, E-zoo-ah. D!yoova. Moon, MS-re. Moei ze. Stars, Tau d'wa. To u'n du wa. Earth, E-la-poo. Mooze. A mountain, Ma-go. , Matoom-be. A tree, It tu-va. Mere. MatuvL A house, E n ba. A um-ba. A road, E pe re. E tal !a. River, Oo re-ah. Water, Maze. M6-ze. Salt water, Maze par6ah. Mze en jeate. Fish, O'pah. Som bah. E-no-b& An ox, ]Ne yS te. A pig, Co-Hi-a. [Le gu!-1oo re. A dog, Ma-la po-ah. loom p ah. Im pure pes. An antelope, Na-zo-ro.. [Jepa-lah. An hyena, I Ke-zoom ba. [De tu no. E!ep[auts'tee Mur-fm. Itt poo. Flesh ofanlmals A bird, ! Noo-ne. Noo-ne. A pigeon, | A koo-tah. I:'.goon dah. A Guinea fowl Kan_-ga. A mm, Mo loo m. Ma lop wa hah A woman, Mat te S ha. M6 k6n qua. A chief, Pe-wah. Musch-e-nwS-m A priest, Mo ku lu ka ns A me za in ga Faer, Te-te. At te-a.te. Mother, M-mS. A n vo. A boy , Bee-sho. Ma na-che. A rl, is cha n. Brother Mo too ko. Alloombo.