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This page needs to be proofread.

MtMMaMtaMMMMwiHk made Plain and Eaff. 229 meg pepper beat fine, and grated bread. Work all these toge- ther into a body, with the yolks of eggs, lay it all over the fleshy part, and a little more pepper and salt over the salmon ; . so roll it up into a collar, and bind it with broad tape, then boil it in water, salt, and vinegar but let the liquor boil first, then put it in your collars, a bunch of sweet herbs, diced ginger and nut- meg; let it boil, but not too fast. It will take. near two hours, boiling. When it is enough, take it up into your sousing-pan and when the pickle is cold, put it to your salmon, and let it stand init till ufed , or otherwise you may pot it. Fill it upw ith claiified butter, as you pot fowls j that way will keep longed* | To collar eels. , . - TAKE your eel and cut it open, take out the bones, cut off . the head and tail, lay the eel flat on the drcflcr, and (bred fome fagc as fine as poffible, and mix with it black pepper beat, grat- J cd nutmeg and fait, lay it all over the eel, roll it up hard in litr : tie cloths; and tie both ends tight) then fct over the fire fome ' water, with pepper and fait, five or fix cloves, three or four . t bladesofmace, abay leafortwo. Boilit, bones, head, and tail r % well together; then take out your heads and tails, put in your ' * | eels and let them boil till they are tender j then take them out, and boil the liquor longer, till you think there isenough to cover . them, l^ake it ofF, and when cold pour it over the eels.and co«. | vcr it clofe. Won't take ofF the cloths till you ufc them, I To pickk or hake herrings. : * SCALE and wafli them clean, cut ofF the heads, fake out the '1 rocs, or wa(h them clean, and put thcnv in again juft as you % like. Seafon them with alittle mace and cloves beat, a very little beaten pepper and fair, lay them in a deep pan, lay two or three bay- leaves between each lay, then put in half vinegar and half water, or rape vinegar. Cover it clofe with a brown-paper, and • | fend it to the oven to bake; let it (land till cold, then pour ofF '/ h' 'that pickle, and put frefli vinegkr and water, and fend them to • f . the oven again to hake. Thus do fprats ; but don't bake them 3 ^the fecond time. Some ufc only all-fpice,but that is not fog*)od. l^ To pickle or hah mackreU to keep all the year. . ^ v r GUT them,cutofFthcirhcaJs,cuttbemopen, dry them very ^; . veil with a clean cloih, take a pan which. they will lie clever- ^ ; ly in, lay a few ^av-leaves at the bottom, rub the bone with a . J- iy' K