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Which far exceeds any Thing of the Kind yet published.


I. How to Roast and Boil to Perfection every Thing necessary to be ſent up to Table.
II. Of Made-dishes.
III. How expensive a French Cook's Sauce is.
IV. To make a Number of pretty little Dishes for a Supper or Side-dish, and little Corner-dishes for a great Table.
V. To dress Fish.
VI. Of Soops and Broths.
VII. Of Puddings.
VIII. Of Pies.
IX. For a Lent Dinner; a Number of good Dishes, which you may make use of at any other time.
X. Directions to prepare proper Food for the Sick.
XI. For Captains of Ships; how to make all useful Things for a Voyage; and setting out a Table on board a Ship.
XII. Of Hogs Puddings, Sausages, &c.
XIII. To pot and make Hams, &c.
XIV. Of Pickling.
XV. Of making Cakes, &c.
XVI. Of Cheese-cakes, Creams, Jellies, Whip-Syllabubs, &c.
XVII. Of made Wines, Brewings, French Bread, Muffins, &c.
XVIII. Jarring Cherries and Preserves, &c.
XIX. To make Anchovies, Vermicella, Catchup, Vinegar, and to keep Artichokes, French Bean, &c.
XX. Of Distilling.
XXI. How to market; the Season of the Year for Butchers Meat, Poultry, Fish, Herbs, Roots, and Fruit.
XXII. A certain Cure for the Bite of a Mad Dog. By Dr. Mead.
XXIII. A Receipt to keep clear from Buggs.

To which are added,

One hundred and fifty New and useful Receipts,

And a Copius Index.

By a LADY.



The Order of a Modern Bill of Fare, for each Month, in the
Manner the Dishes are to be placed upon the Table.

L O N D O N,

Printed for W. Stra(illegible text), J. and F. Rivington, J. Hinton, Hawts and Co. W. Johnston, T. Longman, W. Owen, S. Crowder, B. White, T. Casion, J. Wilkie, G. Robinſon, T. Davies, T. Robson, T. Cadell, T. (illegible text) and Co. W. Davis, J. Knox, W. N'vall, W. Cornish, T. Lowndes, R. Dymatt, H. Gardner, B. (illegible text), J. Rickarson, T. Durham, R. Baldwin, and J. Bell. 1774. [Price Five Shillings bound.]