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same inscription as tin* conqueror of Aslidod ; and he made out tlie names of otlier cities that fell before the arms of that kin^' : ' llamath, Beroea, Damascus, Banibyce. Carchemish;

Ikit the inscription to which he now more particularly drew attention was recently found l)y Mr. Lavard on a colossal bull at the ", l)Ut they n^count tlie subiui>-ation of Babylon in the beiiinninii' of his reiu'u, and the defeat of Ilezekiah and the capture of J(*rusalem in his third year. The narratiye agrees with what was already known from the I lebrew writinLjs and froiu Polyhistor. The discovery, in a cuneiform inscri])tion, of the three* names Hezekiah, Jerusalem and Judah, and an account of eyents related in I lie Book of K'm.'J, IS.')!, p. {){)•>. - rra7i.<. L\ I. A<a;5 m^.