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SOMERS, ROBERT. (R. SO.) Corn Laws (in part). SONNENSCHEIN. PROF. EDWARD ADOLF, MA., Dia (E. A. So.) Plautus. SOHLEY, PROF. WILLIAM RITCHIE, M.A., MLitt., LL.D. (W. R. So.) Iamblichus ; Leibnitz. SOUTHWARD, JOHN. (1. So.) Typography, Modern Practical Typography (in part). SPALD/NG, WILLIAM. (W. S.) Addison (in part). SPENCER, ARTHUR COE, Ph.D. (A. C. Se.) AppaLtchian Mountains SPENCER, LEONARD JAM, M.A., F.G.S. (L J. S.) Crystallography ; Mineralogy Gonionteter ; &c. Apatite ; Brontite • Calcite ; Chroinite ; Ihnenite ; Muscovite ; Petalite; Quartz ; Thorite ; and articles on other mineral species. RICER, REV. EDWARD CLARKE, M.A. (2. C. Si'.) Glacier. SPIELMANN, MARION H., FAA. (M. H. S.) Caricature ; Cartoon ;Gilbert Alfred ; Greenaway, Kate: Painting, Recent British ; Pastel ; Relief ; Sculpture (is part) ; Shakespeare, Portraits ; VIERS, R. PHENE, FLA., F.R•LILA. (R. P. S.) Architecture. Aide ; Choir ; House ; Porch ; Spire ; Town Tracery ; Vault ; Villa ; and articles on other architectural subje-cia. SPITZKA, PROF. EDWARD ANTHONY. (E. A. S..) Electrocution. SPRING-RICE, STEPHEN EDWARD, Ceti ILL (S. E. S.-R.) Exchequer (in part). SQUIRE, WILLIAM BARCLAY, M.A., FAA., ERAS. (W. B. S.*) Byrd, W. ; Morley, Thomas ; Thomas, Arthur Goring. STANTON, REV. VINCENT HENRY, MA., D.D. (V. H. S.) Gospel ; Mark, Gospel of St ; Matthew, Gospel of St ; Luke, Gospel of St. STATHAM, HENRY HEATHCOTE, KRILL (H. H. S.) Architecture, Modern. STEBBING, REV. THOMAS ROSCOE REDS, LA., F.L.S., ELS., KRA (T. R. R. S.) Entomostraca ; Malacoetraca ; Thyrostraca. STEDMAN, EDMUND CLARENCE. (E. C. S.) Whittier, John Greenleaf. STEED, H. WICKHAM. (11. W. S.) Austria-Hungary, History (in part) ; Italy, History (F). Gari-baldi ; Humbert, King ; and other biographical articles. STENNING, JOHN FREDERICK, MA. (j. F. ST.) Bible Old Testament : Texts and Versions ; Exodus, Book of; Leviticus ; Targum. 'TEPEES, KR HERBERT, BART., MA., LL.M. (H. S.*) Lytton, at Earl of STEPHEN, SIR LESLIE, K.C.B., MLitt (L S.) Browning, Robert ; Carlyle, Thomas. STEPHENS, F. G. (F. G. S.) Gilbert, Sir John ; Roll, Frank ; Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (in Parne STUMM PROF. HENRY MORSE, M.A., D.Litt. (H. M. S.) Littre, M. P. E. ; Maintenon, Madame de ; Mazarin ; Mirabeau, Honort ; Necker (in part). STEPHLIIS, PERCY SOMERS TYRINGHAM, LP. (P. ST.) Shooting. STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS. (R. L S.) &ranger. STEVENSON, SIR THOMAS, ELI LIMP. (T. S.*) Poison. STOCK, EUGENE, (E. ST.) Missions (in part). STOCK, ST GEORGE, MA. (ST G. S.) Essenes (in past) ; Simon Magus ; Therapeubt ; Tobit, The Book of. STOCKLEY, CAPTAIN E. N., R.N. (E. N. S.) Banat STOCKMAN, PROKRALPH, F.11.11.(Eilln.). (R. S.4) Pharmacology. STODDARD, RICHARD HENRY. (R. H. S.) Hawthorne, Nathaniel. STORE, FRANCIS, M.A. (F. S.) Academies ; Duel ; Fable ; Games, Classical ; Sand, George. STRACHEY, LIEUT.-GENERAL SIR RICHARD, RS, LLD., I.R.S. (R. S.) Asia, Chaste, Flora and Fauna. STRANGE, EDWARD FAMBROTHER. (E. F. S.) Aubrey ; Hokusai ; Illustration, Technical Develop- *ens ; apart, Japanese Art (is part) ; Munkacsy ; Repin, lija; Utamaro ; &c. STREATFEILD, RICHARD ALEXANDER. (R. A. S.) Verdi, Giuseppe. MUTT, HON. ROBERT JOHN, M.A., ERA (R. J. S.) Helium STUART, JAMES MONTGOMERY. (1. M. S.) Faecal*, STURT, HENRY, M.A. (H. ST.) Cruidus ; Feuerbach, Ludwig A. ; Induction ; Metempsye chests ; Nominalism ; Space and Time ; Utilitarianism ; &c. SULLIVAN, WILLIAM KIRBY, neap D.Sc. (W. K. S.) aan. SULLY, PROF. JAMES, LLD. (j. S.) Aesthetics ; Lewes, George Henry (in part). SUMMERS, PROF. WALTER COVENTRY. (W. C. Su) Perdu* ; Petronius (in part). SUMNER, WILLIAM GRAHAM. (W. G. S.) Jackson, Andrew. SWAYTHLING, THE RT. HON. LORD (Sir Samuel Montagu). (Sw.) Arbitrage. SWEET, HENRY, MA., Ph.D., LL.D. (H. Sw.) Esperanto ; Grimm, J. L. C ; Grimm, Wilhelm Carl ; Phonetics; Universal Languages ; Volapuk. SMITE, PROF. HENRY BARCLAY, M.A., MLitt, D.D. (H. B. S.) Fathers of the Church. SWINBURNE, ALGERNON CHARLES. (A. C. S.) Beaumont and Fletcher ; Chapman, George (in part) ; Can-yon, William ; Hugo, Victor ; TReats (in pan) Landor, W. S.; Marlowe, Christopher ; Mary, Queen of Scots ; Tourneur, Cyril ; Webster, John. SWINBURNE, H. LAWRENCE. (H. L. S.) Flag ; Medal, War Decorations. SWINBURNE-HANHAM, JOHN CASTLEMAN, LP. (J. C. S.-H.) Cremation, Statistics. SYMONDS, JOHN ADDINGTON, LLD. (I. A. S.) Italy, History (C) Renaissance ; Mello Machiavelli Manutius ; Petrarch Poggio ; Politian ; Tasso ; &c. SYMONS, ARTHUR. (A. SY.) Goncourt, The ; Hardy, Thomas; Manua* Saphane; Verlaine, Paul ; Villiers de lisle-Adam. SYMONS, HENRY. (H. SY.) Chambord, Comte de.

TAIT, PETER GUTHRIE, LLD. (P. G. T.) Hamilton, Sir William Rowan ; Knot ; Maxwell, James clerk; Quaternions (in part). TANSLEY, ARTHUR GEORGE, M.A., FS& (A. G. T.) Plants, A matosy. TARE, PROF. RALPH STOCKMAN. (R. S. T.) Grand Canyon ; Hudson River ; New York (in pail. TAUNTON, REV. ETHELRED LUKE. (E. TN.) Acolyte ; AarTiorsi., aatidio ; Campion, Edmund ; Mekhior ; Casaander, ; Feckenham Fisher, John ; Jesuits (in pan) ; Loyola ; e, Cardinal ; Torqumada, Thomas ; &c. TAUSSIG, PROF. FRANK WILLIAM. (F. W. T.) Tariff. TAYLOR, REV. CHARLES, M.A., D.D., LL.D. (C. T.*) Geometrical Continuity; Pirke Aboth. TAYLOR, H. DENNIS. (H. D. T.) Objective; Telescope (in part). TAYLOR, HENRY MARTYN, M.A., F.R.A.S., F.R.S. (H. M. T.) Newton, Sir Isaac. TAYLOR, HENRY OSBORN, LL.B. (H. O. T.) Dionysius Areopagiticus.

The Initials in brackets indicate the Sipeatstre adopted to distinpeish the Contributor.