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CHAPTER III. EXAMINATION ROUND THE COAST AS TO PERMANENT CHANGES OF LEYEL. ON my way southwards, I received an introduction from the Intendente of Salerno, to Signor Palmieri, an engineer of the Ponte e Stradi, whom I fell in with at Eboli. In conversation he stated his opinion that since the shock of December 16th, the sea level all round the west coast, has been lower, i.e., the land higher than before. He sus- tained this, by reference to a quay or wharf wall not very long since erected by himself at Amalfi on the shore of the Gulf of Salerno. The level of the sea at half Fis. tide, he said, was always previously at a (Fig. 118), or coincident with the op of the timber work, at VOL. L Q Digitized by Googlc