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��BEDE 3

��Thk Fiktm


��Ptolemy Dionysiiis.

Alexandra, Queen of Judyea. [A.M. 3934. B.C. 70.]

��Pompey takes Jerusa- lem.

��Virgil born.

��A.M. 3903 [5251].

Ptolemy Dionysius reigned 30 years. From the fifth year of his reign, Alexandra, after the death of the pon- tiff, Alexander, her husband, reigned 9 years in Judsea, during which period the Jews were a prey to anarchy and slaughter. After her death, her sons, Aristobulus and Hyrcanus, by their contentions for the throne, afforded an opportunity to the Romans of invading Judcea. Accordingly, Pompey came to Jerusalem and took the city : he entered the temple and went even into the most holy place. Carrying away Aristobulus with him in fetters, he confirmed Hyrcanus in the pontificate, which he filled for 34 years, and made Antipater, son of Herod of Ascalon, governor of Palestine. Virgilius Maro is born in a village called Andes, not far from Mantua. In the consulship of Pompey and Crassus, Pompey takes Jerusalem, and makes the Jews tributary. Virgil studies at Cremona. Csesar conquers the Ger- mans and Gauls, and compels the Britons, who were previously unacquainted even with the name of the Romans, to give hostages and pay tribute,

A.M. 3905 [5253].

Cleopatra, sister of Ptolemy, reigned 22 years. For a

civil war having broken out between Caesar and Pompey,

the latter being defeated fled to Alexandria, where he

was slain by order of Ptolemy, from whose hands he

Civil War of looked for succour. And when Caesar shortly after came

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to Alexandria, Ptolemy would have cut mm on also ; but perished himself in the war which he then kindled. Caesar, having made himself master of Alexandria, gave the kingdom to Cleopatra, with whom he had had an adulterous intercourse. In the third year of her reign he obtained the sole dominion over the Romans, and from him the Roman princes were called Csesars. Cleo- patra made her entry into the city with royal state.

��Cfflsar con- quers Giiul, Biid invades Britain.

��Cleopatra, Queen of


[A.M. 3yr)6.

B.C. 4S. Battle of rhiiraalia.]

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