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Ritter, Carl, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 689
River-Beds, The Old, of Middle California 858
Romanes, George J 101

Salmon Industries of Oregon 573
Saporta's World of Plants before the Appearance of Man. (Illustrated.) 446
Sargassum, Does it vegetate in the Open Sea? 573
Sauvage, E 684
Schools, Athletics in 677
Schroeder, Lieutenant Seaton 530
Science in the Primary Schools 429
Scientific Teaching in the Colleges 556
Scorpion, Suicide of the 712
Seamen, Color-Blindness of 285
Searle, Arthur 673
Seely, G. B., Letter from 554
Sense, A New, The Evolution of 66
Sex, The Genesis of 167
Sheep, poisoned at Pasture 575
Silliman, Benjamin, Sketch of. (Portrait.) 550
Skinner, Joseph J. 397
Slack, H. J. 737
Snakes, How they shed their Skins 710
Social Distinctions, Traditional Origin of 430
Solar Appendages 121
Solar Physics, Recent Progress of 1
Sounds, Discrimination and Memory of 428
Spies, Concerning Honors to 122
Spiritualism, Middle-Age 354
Springs and Wells, Overflow of. (Illustrated.) 71
Springs and Wells, Overflow of. (Illustrated.) 266
Springs and Wells, Overflow of. (Illustrated.) 397
Stammering and its Causes 863
Stars, The Immensity of the 140
Stoves, Ventilating 124
Study, Intemperance in 645
Suicide, A Consideration of 798
Sully, James 780
Sun-Spots and Rainfall 861

Tea-drinking, Effects of Excessive 862
Teeth, Effects of Tobacco on the 137
Telescope, Most Powerful in Existence 337
Theologian, A Young, Letter from 693
Thresher-Shark, Habits of the 139
Tobacco-Pipe, Antiquity of the 862
Tobacco-Smoking, Parkes on 718
Traditional Origin of Social Distinctions 430
Trowbridge, J. T., Letter from 266
Tuke, D. Hack 645
Tylor, E. B., Recent Anthropology 145
Typhoid Fever, how conveyed 460