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��important a part in the operations, whether useful or destructive, of life ; but books in which satisfactory accounts of them are given are as yet rare, and hardly accessible. The author of the present paper, who is Professor of Botany and Horticulture in the Illinois Industrial University, has prepared it with the object of presenting, in language as far as possible freed from technical terms, the principal and most interesting facts now known about these active agents. He also gives references to other sources of information on the subject.

The Q. P. Index Annual for 1882. Ban- gor, Me. : Q. P. Index. Pp. 51.

A valuable, usef ul, and convenient pub- lication. It contains a list of all the articles that appeared during the year in twenty -three different American and foreign publications, indicated by a notation simple and easily learned, so that, while reference is easy, the whole is compressed into a very small space.

��PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED. =V :: Authors and others, sending papers and monographs for notice, will please specify, for gen- eral information, where tliey can be procured.

Inundations in Louisiana: Their Influence on Health. By Stanford E. Chaiile, A. M , M. L>. New Orleans. Pp. 27.

Eleventh Cincinnati Industrial Exhibition : Rules and Premium List. Cincinnati: Davis & Heineman. Pp. 76, with Plans.

Contributions to the History of Lake Bon- neville. By C. K. Gilbert. Washington : Gov- ernment Printing-Oflice. Pp. 32, with Two Maps.

The Yellowstone National Park : Manual for Tourists. By Henry J. Winger. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 96, with Map. 40 cents.

Didactics in the State University of Iowa. By S. N. Fellows, Iowa City, Iowa. Pp. 24.

Cranial Nerves. By W. O. Thrailkill. San Francisco, Cal. Chart. One page. 56 cents.

Old Maryland Manors. By John Johnson, A. B. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University. Pp. 38. 30 cents.

John no ward Payne Souvenir: Portrait and Autograph. Boston : L. Prang & Co. Pp. 4.

A Recent Find in the Trenton Gravels. By C. C. Abbott, M. D. Trenton, N. J. Pp. 10.

Reports of the Trustees of the Sanitary Im- provement Bonds of the City of Jacksonville, Fla. Pp. 113.

Address of Vice-President A. H. Tattle, Sec- tion of Histology and Microscopy, American As- sociation. Salem, Mass.: Salem Press. Pp.14.

How to make Photographs. New York : E. & n. T. Anthony & Co. Pp. 91, with Plates.

Handbook of Medical Electricity. By A. M. Rosebrusrh, M. D. Toronto, Ont. : Dudley & Burns. Pp. 54.

Planting Trees in Sehool-Oronnds. Wash- ington, D. C: United States Bureau of Educa- tion. Pp. 8.

��Normal Condition of Cellular Structure and Peach Yellows. By D. P. Penhallow (Houghton Farm Experiment Department). Mouutainville, N. Y. Pp. 45, with Three Plates.

Zoological Society of Philadelphia, Eleventh Annual Report. Pp. 26.

Industrial Art in Schools. By Charles G. Le- land. Washington, D. C: United States Bureau of Education. Pp. 37.

The Impress of Nationalities upon the City of New York. By James W. Gerard. New York : Columbia Spectator Publishing Company.

The Citizens' Law and Order v LeaETie of the United States, Proceedings, etc. Chicago : Cowles & Dunkley. Pp. 81.

Worcester Free Institute, Statement. Wor- cester, Mass. Pp. 16.

Worcester Free Institute, Statistical Infor- mation. Worcester, Mass. Pp. 16.

Variations of Barometric Measurements of Altitude with the Season. By John Tatlock, Jr. Pp. 20.

The Library Journal, March-April, 1883. New York: F. Ley poldt. Pp.68. $4 a year.

United States Bureau of Education : Its Work and History. By Charles Warren, M.D. Wash- ington : Government Printing-Office. Pp. 29.

Clinical History and Localization of Perine- phric Abscesses. Bv John B. Roberts, M. D., of Philadelphia. Pp. 19.

Heart-Puncture and Heart-Suture as Thera- peutic Procedures. By John B. Roberts, M. D., of Philadelphia. Pp. 5.

Preliminary Report on the Venoms of Ser- pents. Bv S. Weir Mitchell, M. D., and Edward T. Reiche'rt, M. D., of Philadelphia. Pp. 14.

Bulletin of the Buffalo Naturalists' Field Club, No. 3. Buffalo, N. Y. : Hicks & Beach. Pp. 24.

The Biographer. Illustrated. New York : 23 Park Row. Monthly. Pp. 64. 25 cents each number.

Bulletin of the Philosophical Society of Wash- ington. Vol. IV, pp. 189; Vol. V, pp. 189.

Notes on Copper Implements from Mexico. By F. W. Putnam. Cambridge, Mass. Pp. 12.

The Philippine Islands. By Samuel Kneeland, M. D. New York. Pp. 28.

The Magazine of American History. With Notes and Queries. April, 18S3. New York: A. S. Barnes & Co. Pp. 80, with Map.

On the Conservation of Solar Energy. By C. William Siemens, F. R. S., D. C. L. London: Macmillan & Co. Pp. 111. $1.75.

Deep Breathing. By Sophia Marquise A. Ciccolina. New York:"M. L. Holbrook & Co. Pp. 48.

A Visit to Ceylon. By Ernst Haeckel. Trans- lated by Clara Bell. Boston : S. E. Cassino & Co. Pp. 337. $2.50.

A Book abont Roses. By S. Reynolds Hale. New York : William S. Gottsberger. Pp. 326.

Golden Sands : A Collection of Little Coun- sels for the Sanctification and Happiness of Daily Life. Translated from the French. New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons. Pp. 101. $1.50.

Practical Carpentry. By Frederick T. Hoder- son. New York: The Industrial Publication Company. Pp. 144, with Plates.

Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic, with Ex- periments. By Charles Loudon Bloxam. Phil- adelphia : P. Blakiston, Son & Co. Pp. 680. $4.

Eve's Daughters; or, Common Sense for Maid, Wife, and Mother. By Marion Harland. New York: John R. Anderson and Henry S. Allen. Pp.454. Sold by subscription.

Lectures on Medical Nursing. By J. Wallace Anderson, M. D. New York : Macmillan & Co. 1883. Pp.224. $1.

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