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Beer and Mädler: the Eye, the Maria, the Syrtis Major, the Sabæus Sinus. In general they perfectly reproduce their prototypes, while in detail they present a little more closely the appearance of the same


PSM V61 D394 Map 3 dawes by proctor 1867.png

Map 3. Dawes by Proctor, 1867.


markings to-day. The map is a slight advance upon its predecessor, and a complete corroboration of it. In these portraitures Kaiser stood not alone. About the same date Lockyer, although he constructed


PSM V61 D394 Map 4 resume by flammarion of all to date 1876.png

Map 4. Resumé by Flammarion of all to Date, 1876.


no map, made some excellent drawings quite confirmative of Kaiser's and rather better. So also did Dawes (Map III.), nicknamed the eagle-eyed for his ability to detect difficult phenomena.