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('. \ititfi Vii-ijini'i C>ir<tlry, C. S. A. ".-'! 1


Thomas Arnold, transferred to Company I, B. B. Ashton, killed at tyslmrg, Charles H. Ashton, Benjamin Atwill, wounded, Thomas B. Baber, Ellison Barber. Thomas Barber, killed at Brandy Station, Burton B. Bates, died in service, Eugene Battaile, wounded, Albert Beale, B. B. Beale, killed in Dinwiddie, Richard Beale, wounded, Richard S. Beale, died in service, Robert Beale, Robert H. Beale, Ham Bisham, killed at Hatcher's Run, Benjamin Branson, accident- ally wounded, James Brook, Horace A. Brooks, captured and im- prisoned in Fort McHenry till close of the war, B. B. Brown, killed at Nance's Shop, Edwin D. Brown, severely wounded and discharged, John N. Brown, killed in Dinwiddie, Thomas Brown, Thomas Calla- han, Richard H. Chandler, wounded, Edwin C. Claybrook, cap- tured, Benjamin Courtney, Bushrod Courtney, David C. Courtney, James R. Courtney (bugler), W. Hank Courtney, Wm. W. Chewn- ing, John Combs, Abraham Cox, captured, Ephraim F. Cox, killed, Eugene Crabbe (courier), Tasker Crabbe, Joseph Crask (ambulance driver, Selden Crask, discharged, Rhody Douglas, Philip Dozier, died in service, William R. Dozier, discharged, Charles Edwards (color-bearer), wounded, George Eliff, discharged, James English, Thomas English, T. W. G. Evans, blacksmith, Charles Everett. William H. Franklin, died of wounds received at Hanover, Pa., J. J. Garland, died in service, Philander George, John Gordon, killed, Chester Gouldin, killed near Reams' Station, Jesse Gouldman, severely wounded at Hatcher's Run, Joseph R. Gregory, captured, Levi Gregory, discharged, Thomas P. Greenlaw, severely wounded at Upperville, Frederick Griffith, William Guthrie, discharged, George Gutridge, wounded and captured at Upperville, W. Octavus Gutridge, killed, Joseph Haislin, James Hall, Luther Hall, drowned, Shelton B. Hall, discharged, Hackman Haynie, died in service, Benjamin Hardwick, John W. Harvey, Mungo P. Harvey, ordnance sergeant, James R. Holliday, Richard Hunter, killed at Charles

City county, Hutt, Ogle Hutt, Steptoe D. Hutt, discharged,

James Jenkins, wounded accidentally, Charles W. Jett, killed at Brandy Station, Lucius L. Jett, Thomas Jett, badly wounded in foot at Brandy Station, Toucey Jett, regimental bugler, wounded at Brandy Station, William Jett, severely wounded, Philip Johnson, William Johnson, Churchwell Jones, Robert Kennedy, Benjamin King, R. S. Lawrence, wounded at Fredericksburg, David Lowe,