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26 Southern Historical Society Papers.

From the Times- Dispatch, July 10, 1U03.


Owing- to the large number still living in Chesterfield county, and to the relatives and families of many who are no more, Mr. W. B. Ashbrooke has compiled a roster of the famous Alstadt < rrays, who were mustered in and about Manchester. The Grays belonged to Mahone's Brigade, of Anderson's Division, of A. P. Hill's Corps, of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Thev were mustered into service on May 24, 1861. They sur- rendered at Appomattox. They took part in the charge of Ma- hone's Division at the battle of the Crater.

The membership of the company, as compiled, reads as fol- lows : Captain, E. H. Flournoy ; First Lieutenant, Charles Friend ; Second Lieutenant, Samuel Flournoy ; Third Lieuten- ant, David M. Goode; First Sergeant, Charles Fossey ; Second Sergeant, Samuel Woodfin; Third Sergeant, J. W. Jones; Fourth Sergeant, George Woodfin ; First Corporal, Cornelius Wilkin- son ; Second Corporal, Wesley Rudd ; Third Corporal, Joseph Dorsett ; Fourth Corporal, Calhoun Hawkins; Privates. J. H. Ashbrooke. W r . B. Ashbrooke, Thomas L'ailey, Joseph Bailey, James 11. Bailey. John A. Bailey, William E. Bailey, Robert H. Mass, Joseph Bass, John Bass, Aaron H. Branch, Lucius Branch, Merritt Boatwrights, R. M. Cheatham, A. A. Cheatham. John F. Cheatham. William E. Cheatham. Julius C. Condrey, Lewis Dor- sett, William Dorsett, A. A. Ellett, C. C. Ellett. Richard Ellett, Joseph Elam, Richard Elam,, Abner E. Fossey, David Fossey, Samuel Fossey, A. A. Ford, M. W. Ford, Samuel Flournoy, T. C. Farley, William F. Fuqua, David H. Franklin. James B. Goode, E. C. Goode, Robert Godsey, John E. Goode, J. W. Goode, W. D. Goode, Lemuel J. Goode, Charles Hancock, New- ton Horner, William S. Hobson, William A. Harris, Richard Jones, John D. Jones, Samuel J. Jones, Henry Lee, John F. Martin, George ( >. Markham, G. A. Morris, James A. Morrissett, John Moody, James Moore, Wilson Moore, Edgar Nunnally,