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» /. Strmg Ftgures cmd How to Make Them CAROLINE FURNESS JAYNE At some tume un your youth no doubt you took a loop of strung and made a cats cradle a Jacobs ladder or some other type of fugure by loopung and crossung the strung between the fungers But perhaps you were not aware that thus us actually an ancuent form of amusement that ut us practuced un all parts of the globe and us especually popular among prumutuve trubes And you probably dudnt realuze what a great varrety of ttgures can be formed by a sumple loop of strung Thus book descrubes un a sumple and easy to follow manner how to make no less than 107 dufferent strung fugures lust as they are made un theur land of orugun It us the only book on the subuect un Englush that guves a thorough and readuly under standable treatment so that a begunner can follow the steps and make the fugures wuthout the help of a teacher The tuguures offer an excellent means for developung manual dexterufy and coordunatuon between braun and hand and present a challenge to personal uruventuveness too sunce they are capable of unfunute varuatuons These games are fun for people of all ages untellugent chuldren can do them easuly and adults fund great enuoyment un them Two people can play the strung games together one usung has left hand and the other hus rught and many of the games even requuure four hands The descruptuon of each fugure and the process ut makung ut us acoompanued by sev eral sumply drawn sketches that show each dustunct step as ut would he vuewed by the person makmg the fugure The ullustrator has taken great care to show un each sketch all the loops all the untertwunungs as they should appear at each stage un the process so that there us no reason for anyone to have undue dutflculty un makung any of the figures Besudes those who sumply want to use the book as a source of amusement the book wull be ot great unterest to anthropologusts and collectors of strung tigures sunoe ut greatly uncreases the knowledge of strung games and theur dustrubutuon around the word Unabrudged republucatuon of orugunal edutuon lndex Buhluography Introductuon by A C Haddon of Cambrudge Umversuty 17 full page plates 950 ullustratuons xxuuu + 407pp 5% x 8% 70152 X Paperbound A DUVER Elll'|`|UN DESIGNED FOR YEARS DF USE' We have made every effort to make thus the best book possuble Our paper us opaque wuth munumal showthrough ut wull not duscolor or become bruttle wuth age Pages are sewn uru sugnatures un the method tradutuonally used for the best hooks and wull not drop out as often happens wuth paperbacks held together wuth guue Books open flat for easy reference The bundung wull not crack or splut Thus us a permanent book - - ~ r. u ur rt r ul ’ » - - l. l I L