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AN AP'PE, NDIX Terri Fhm' 0 ,4 L E T T E R to the Reverend Dr. N . w x o , Prnc�al q� Hart-Hall; occaffon'd .by his B, entitled, Univerfity Edu.. ook cation, C. -.. fatire ut vettra auCti)ritas Iv!ea: au&oritati fautrix adjutrixque fit. NewToWs Motto. Reverend $ K' R, H i L S T the foregoinl 'eetswere vrint- ing off, I caf my-'eye'pon an adverti�e - merit ofyou.r book concerning Lrniverfi. t? Education, O,c.lffom which general t, tle, join'd with your known zeal for our learned Mother, i expe&ed to the a full vindicaioro[