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98 Jesus, Saviour, Pilot Me
(PILOT. 7,7,7,7,7,7)
Edrward Hopper,1871 John E. Gould,1871
  1. Jesus, Saviour, pilot me
    Over life's tempestuous sea ;
    Unknown waves before me roll,
    Hiding rock and treacherous shaol;
    Chart and compass come from thee;
    Jesus, Saviour, pilot me.
  2. As a mother stills her child,
    Thou canst hush the ocean wild;
    Boisterous waves obey thy will
    When thou says't to them, 'Be still.'
    Wondrous Sovereign of the sea,
    Jesus, Saviour, pilot me.
  3. When at last I near the shore,
    And the fearful breakers roar
    Twixt me and the peaceful rest,
    The, while leaning on thy breast,
    May I hear thee say to me,
    'Fear not, I will pilot thee.' Amen.