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170 Blest Be the Tie That Binds
John Fawcett,1772 Arranged from Hans G. Nageli
By Lowell Mason, 1845
  1. Blest be the tie that binds
    Our hearts in Christan love:
    The fellowship of kindred minds
    Is like to that above
  2. Be - fore our Father's throne
    We pour our ardent prayers;
    Our fears, our hopes, our aims, are one,
    Our comforts and our cares.
  3. We share our mutal woes;
    Our mutual burdens bear;
    And often for each other flows
    The sympathizing tear.
  4. When we asunder part,
    It gives us inward pain;
    But we shall still be joined in heart
    And hope to meet again.
  5. From sorrow toil, and pain,
    And sin, we shall be free,
    And perfect love and friendship reign
    Thro' all eternity. Amen

171 Bread of the World
(EUCHARIST. 9,8,9,8)
Reginald Heber,1826 John S. B. Hodges,1869
  1. Bread of the world, in mercy broken
    Wine of the the soul in mercy shed,
    By whom the words of lie were spoken,
    And in whose death are sins are dead;
  2. Look on the heart by sorrow broken,
    Look on the tears by sinners shed.
    And be thy feast to us the token
    That by thy grace our souls are fed.