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Come, O Divine Messiah 1
  Adapted from CABRISSEAU
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  1. Come, O Di-vine Mes-si-ah;
    O haste, we're wea-ry wait-ing thee;
    On earth naught de-sire
    Save thee, sweet One in Three
    O Quick de-scend bi time take wings;
    Else our poor hearts no peace will know,
    But feirc-er with im-patience glow.
  2. Wilt leave they Fat-ther's home,
    For us woho lang-uish here with love;
    And'neath our fet-ter groan
    A wait-ing aid from a-bove
    O come! O come! bid time take wing;
    We'll deck our hearts with bril-liants rare,
    And Welcome meet for thee pre-pare.
  3. Think not up-on our base-ness,
    Take Vengance not up-on our crime;
    But with us yet have patience; make us all thine in time.
    For art thou, Our Lord and God?
    To Whom should we for refuge flee
    If not O Lord, our God to thee?

Copyright, 1913, by P. J. Kennedy & Sons. Used by permission