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30 Holy Ghost! with Light Divine
(LAST HOPE. 7,7,7,7)
Andrew Reed,1817 Gottschalk
Arranged by H. P. Main
  1. Ho-ly Ghost! with light divine,
    Shine up-on this heart of mine;
    Chase the shades of night a-way,
    Turn my darkness in-to day.
  2. Ho-ly Ghost! with power divine,
    Cleanse this gui-ty heart of mine;
    Long hath sin with-out con-trol,
    Held do-min-ion o'er my soul,
  3. Ho-ly Ghost! with joy div-ine
    sad-dened heart of mine;
    Bid my ma-ny woes de-part,
    Heal my wound-ed bleed-ing heart,
  4. Ho-ly Spir-it! all di-vine,
    Dwell with-in this heart of mine;
    Cast down ev-ery i-dol throne,
    Reign su-preme-and reign a-lone.