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PUBLIC LAW 102-568—CX?r. 29, 1992 106 STAT. 4337 SEC. ««. EXTENSION OF PROGRAM OF VOCATIONAL TRAINING FOR CERTAIN PENSION RECIPIENTS. (a) EXTENSION OF PROGRAM.— Subsection (a)(1) of section 1524 is amended to read as follows: "(a)(1) In the case of a veteran under age 45 who is awarded a pension during the program period, the Secretary shall, based on information on file with the Department of Veterans Affairs, make a preliminary finding whether such veteran, with the assistance of a vocational training program under this section, has a good potential for achieving employment. If such potential is found to exist, the Secretary shall sohcitfi:t)mthe veteran an application for vocational training under this section. If the veteran thereafter applies for such training, the Secretary shall provide the veteran with an evaluation, which may include a personal interview, to determine whether the achievement of a vocational goal is reasonably feasible.". (b) PROGRAM EXTENSION.—Section 1524(a) is fiu*ther amended— (1) by striking out paragraph (3); and (2) by redesignating paragraph (4) as paragraph (3) and in that paragraph striking out "December 31, 1992" and inserting in lieu thereof "December 31, 1995". (c) CONFORMING AMENDMENTS. —(1) Section 1524(b)(4) is amended by striking out "January 31, 1992" and inserting in lieu thereof"December31, 1995". (2)(A) The heading of such section is amended to read as follows:

    • § 1524. Vocational training for certain pension recipients".

mwork or training* means terminated as a result of the veteran's receipt of earnings from activity performed for renumeration or with gain, but only if the veteran^ annual income from sources other than such earnings would, taken alone, not result in the termination of the veteran's pension.". (b) CLERICAL AMENDMENTS.—(1) The heading of such section is amended to read as follows: