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468 THIRTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 167, 168. 1867 Laws relating Sec. 13. And be it further macted That the laws relating to the g°~*‘mY· Ravi': army, navy, the militia and the marine corps of the United States bg pfgmgd S, published otheiully in the United States Army and Navy Journal, at such Army and Navy rates as are fixed by the Secretary of State for the publication of the laws 'gv°,;:,";§t,;"d M of the United States. ` A1=•1>1zov1c¤, March 2, 1867. March 2, 1867. CHAP. CLXVIII. —-An Act making Appropriations and to supply Deficiencies in the "'_’;`*" .»;tp£ropri'atiozzs_fbr the ,Servz'ce afthe Government for thefiscal Year ending June thirziezh, eng een hundred and szxty-seven, and for other Purposes. Bc it enacted by the Senate and [base of Representatives of the United PQ5°i°¤°>’*P· States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums, or so 2221:*223,;*2- th° much thereof as may be necessary, be, and the same are hereby, appro- Ilune a0, l8r6T. priated for the objects hereinafter expressed, for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, namely: — D¤i>¤¥*mQ¤* nnranrntnur or rms mremon. of the Interior. Pension bu- Pension Bureau.—To meet deficiencies of the present fiscal year on "°“°‘ account of pensions for army widows and others under various acts, ten million dollars. For contingent expenses, ten thousand dollars. For navy widows and orphans, seventy thousand dollars: Provided, That said sum be transferred from the navy pension fund. Engineer? En_qi1zeers’ Office. -To meet deficiencies of the present fiscal year on °m"°‘ account of engineer officer having the supervision of the Union Pacific railroad and branches, landgrant railroads, and wagon roads, namely:- For compensation of clerks, three thousand eight hundred dollars. For contingencies, five hundred dollars. (7¤}i>i¥¤l¤¤- Capitol Extension. -For eight additional monolithic columns, eleven t°ml°"’ thousand two hundred dollars. I For ventilating, nine thousand do lars. For supplying deficiency in appropriation for work on the Capitol extension, twenty-nine thousand eight hundred dollars. Census Omoe. Census Office. — For the purpose of paying the amount due to certain m£s"Qlf,t‘;‘;;1,;*° United States marshals and their assistants for services rendered in taking assistants in the eighth census, in the year eighteen hundred and sixty, in the following C¤li¥`Qi‘¤i¤i States, viz: In the State of California, nine thousand four hundred and Maine; sixty dollars and forty-eight cents; in the State of Maine, thirty-three °h‘°i dollars and six cents; in the State of Ohio, forty-nine dollars and sixty- Oregon; nine cents ; in the State of Oregon, three thousand one hundred and sixty Kansas; dollars and twenty cents; in the State of Kansas, sixty-eight dollars and Kentucky; forty cents ; in the State of Kentucky, nine thousand three hundred and Maryland; eleven dollars and fifty cents; in the State of Maryland, four thousand _ _ seven hundred and eighty-one dollars and forty cents; in the State of M‘”°“"*? Missouri, eight thousand three hundred and forty-three dollars; in the T¢¤¤¢$¤¤¢; State of Tennessee, twenty thousand eight hundred and forty-two dollars New Mexico; and eighteen cents; in the Territory of New Mexico, seven hundred and Washington. eighty-four dollars and sixty-nine cents ; in the Territory of \Va<hington, ninety-nine dollars and nine cents; being in the aggregate fifty-six thousnnd nine hundred and thirty-three dollars and sixty-nine cents : Provided, a§l<>tg¤;;;0O*:; That no part of the sum hereby appropriated shall be paid to or on gamciumug in accognt if any} claimant who participated in the late rebellion, or gave to the rebeiiion. 1t an an com crt. andijm bureau. Indian Bureau.-—For this amount, or so much thereof as may bc in 3€;';n“;‘;Q°“ necessary, to pay the indebtedness incurred for the Indian service in the Washington. State of Oregon and Territory of Washington, in the years eighteen hundred and sixty, eighteen hundred and sixty-one, and eighteen hundred beP;1};;¤:r;;{0 m and sixty-two, forty thousand dollars: Provided, That such payments shall _0r,g,m,, owngr be made oply to the original owner of the claims, and upon satisfactory of claim. proof furnished the accounting officer.