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180 rosrizoans. From Blair to West Point. _ From Blue Springs, to Atchison, m Kansas. From Bluff City, in Iowa, to Omaha City. From Bluff City, in Iowa, to Winter Quarters. From Brownville, by Falls City, to H1ghland,m Kansas. From Brownville to New Fort Kearney. From Brownville to Grant. _ From Brownville, to Linden, in Missour1. From Brosvnville, by Monterey, Frankhn, and Long Branch, to Table Rock. From Brownville, by lemaha City, Archer, Falls City, Monterey, Salem, Pleasantville, and Pawnee City, to Table Rock. From Brownville, by Ncmaha City, Monterey, Scott7s, B0denberg’s, and Middleburg, to Sabetha, in Kansas. From Brownville, by N omaha City, Pern, Winnebago, Saint Stephens, Yancton, and Rulo, to Saint Joseph, in Missouri. From Brownville, to Rockport, in Missouri. From Brownville, by Saint Frederick, Tecumseh, Vesta, and Austin, to Camden. · From Brownville to Table Rock. From Brownville, by Tecumseh, and Austin, to Beatrice. From Brownville, by Weddlie’s Bridge, Steinman, Moses Milk’s, Table Rock, Pawnee City,‘West Branch, and Mission Creek, to Maryville, in Kansas. S From Calla, by Tipp’s Branch, Liberty, and Wild Cat, to Blue PFU188- From Camden, by the west branch of Blue River, West’s Mills, Beaver Crossing, and McFadden, to Fort Kearney. From Columbus to Camden. 0 From Columbus, by Clear Creek, Osceola, and Lincoln Creek, to York entre. ' From Columbus to Crete. From Columbus, by Hammond, to Niobrara. . From Columbus, by Lost Creek, William"s Ranch, and Newman’s Grove, to Oak Dale. From Columbus to Madison. From Columbus, by Monroe, to Genoa. From Columbus to Norfolk. From Columbus, by Pepperville, and Summit, to Ulysses. ` Dlillrotm Columbus, by Pleasant Run, and Saint Helena, to Yancton, in a o a. From Cottonwood Springs to McPherson. KFrom Cottonwood Springs, by Republican Fork, to Fort Riley, in ansas. From Cottonwood Springs, by Stockville, to Red Willow. From Covington, to Sioux City, in lowa. » F Ftrolm Dakota City, by Ayoway Creek, and Running Water River, to o aramie. From Dakota City to Fort Pierre. From Dakota City, along the Missouri River, to Fort Randall. From Dakota City, by Galena, to Pacilic City. _From Dakota City, by Ponca, Saint James, Saint John’s, Franklin, Niobrara, and other intermediate offices, to Fort Randall, in Dakota. From Dakota City, by Saguachi, Canton, and York City, to Madison. From Dakota City to Sergeant’s Bluff, in Iowa. From Dakota City, by Sergeant’s Bluff, to Des Moines, in Iowa. From Makota City, by West Point, to Columbus. ` From Dakota City, to Yancton, in Dakota. From Decatur, by Ashton, and Belvidere, to Dennison, in Iowa. mggrogn Degahting by Logan Valley, West Point, Saint Charles, and Jn- , u . From De Soto, by Arizona, to Decatur.