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PUBLIC LAW 95-000—MMMM. DD, 1978

92 STAT. 1960

PUBLIC LAW 95-524—OCT. 27, 1978 a WAGES

29 USC 859. Ante, pp. 1938, 1943.

" SEC. 237. (a) Wages to individuals employed in public service employment under this part shall be paid in accordance with sections 122 (i) and 124. " (b) Public service employment participants under this part may not have their wages supplemented by the payment of any additional wages for such employment from any source whatever, except as provided in section 122(i)(4)(B). "TITLE III—SPECIAL FEDERAL



29 USC 871.

Financial assistance for displaced homemakers.

" SEC. 301. (a) The Secretary shall use funds available under this title to provide services authorized under all titles of this Act and for employment and t r a i n i n g programs that— " (1) meet the employment-related needs of persons who face particular disadvantages in specific and general labor markets or occupations, including offenders, persons of limited English language proficiency, handicapped individuals, women, single parents, displaced homemakers, youth, older workers, individuals who lack educational credentials, public assistance recipients, and other peisons whom the Secretary determines require special assistance; " (2) are most appropriately administered from the national level, such as programs sponsored by public agencies or private organizations that conduct federally assisted activities in more than one State; " (3) foster new or improved linkages between Federal, State, and local employment and t r a i n i n g agencies and components of the private sector, such as the business community, organized labor, and community based organizations; " (4) provide continued support for programs of demonstrated effectiveness; " (5) eliminate or reduce critical skill shortages in the Nation's labor force; and " (6) serve individuals who become unemployed as a result of large-scale loss of jobs in a locality, caused by the closing of a facility, mass layoffs, n a t u r a l disasters, or similar circumstances; " (b)(1)(A) The Secretary shall make available financial assistance to conduct programs to provide employment opportunities and appropriate t r a i n i n g and supportive services (through multipurpose projects or otherwise) to displaced homemakers. Such t r a i n i n g and supportive services shall include, but not be limited to, job training, job readiness services, job counseling, job search, and job placement services; outreach and information services, including information on available education opportunities; and referrals (through cooperative arrangements, to the maximum extent feasible) to health, financial management, legal, public assistance, and other appropriate supportive services in the community being served. To the maximum extent feasible, activities supported under this paragraph shall be coordinated with and supplement, b u t not supplant, activities supported under other titles of this Act and shall emphasize t r a i n i n g and other employment related services for participants that are designed to