Rhesus (Euripides)

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English-language translations of

by Euripides
"Rhesus" (Ῥῆσος, Rhēsos) is an Athenian tragedy. There has been debate about its authorship, and its attribution to Euripedes has been subject of dispute since antiquity. The action of the play takes place during the Trojan War, on the night when Odysseus and Diomedes sneak into the Trojan camp. The same event is narrated in book 10 of Homer's epic poem, the Iliad. — Excerpted from Rhesus (play) on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

As with all ancient Greek dramas, the interpretation may vary, given the condition of available manuscripts, the current study of ancient Greek language, and changes in the English language. As a result, varying English translations exist.

English-language translations of Rhesus include:

English translations[edit]

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