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 | volume         =
 | previous       = 
 | next           = 
 | wikipedia      =
 | wikipedia2     =
 | other_projects =
 | extra_notes    =
 | override_notes =
 | section        =

This template is meant to be used at the top of an article. The previous and next should be filled in, even when those entries have not been created yet.

This template is to be used at the top of every entry in the Encyclopædia.

  • | volume =
    • The 1911 volume from which the article comes.
  • | previous =
    • Type in the name of the previous entry. It will create a link to it.
  • | next =
    • Same as above but goes to next entry.
  • | wikipedia =
    • Link to Wikipedia article, template will create one automatically but you should always make sure it goes to a relevant article. If it doesn't, then fill in the name of the article for this parameter. If there is no Wikipedia article, leave it blank (but don't remove the parameter!).
  • | wikipedia2 =
    • Parameter for second, relevant wikipedia article.
  • | other_projects =
    • Links to other projects such as Wiktionary, Commons, Wikisource etc. And, despite its name, it can also be used to link to Wikipedia articles in situations where more than two links are desired. Please format it as such: [[Project Name:Article Name|Article Name]] at [[Project Name:Main_Page|Project Name]]. Only include links to wikimedia projects.
  • | extra_notes =
    • This is useful for notifying the reader of significant changes since 1911. For example, a town may belong to another country now. This is used infrequently.
  • | override_notes =
    • Don't display the standard notes (the link to the disclaimer, "see also" and any extra notes), and just display whatever this argument contains in the notes section. This is used infrequently.
  • | section =
    • This is useful in extraordinary situations where the auto-generated display of the section name is not desired. For example, it is used to implement the examples below since otherwise the auto-generated section name for this documentation page would be displayed instead of the section name for the article corresponding to the example.


Auto-generated wikipedia link[edit]

 | volume   = 1
 | previous = Achill
 | next     = Achilles Tatius

No Wikipedia link[edit]

 | volume   = 1
 | previous = Achill
 | next     = Achilles Tatius
 | wikipedia=

Wikipedia link different from article name[edit]

This is the case for most biographical articles, since Wikipedia uses first name first rather than last name first like EB1911. For the example here, the spelling that Wikipedia uses differs from the spelling that EB1911 uses:

 | volume    = 27
 | previous  = Tromp
 | next      = Tronchet, François Denis
 | wikipedia = Tromsø

Two Wikipedia links[edit]

 | volume     = 27
 | previous   = Trollhättan
 | next       = Tromba marina
 | wikipedia  = Anthony Trollope
 | wikipedia2 = Frances Trollope

Hide previous and next links and notes[edit]

 | volume   =
 | previous = 
 | next     = 
 | override_notes =

Other projects[edit]

 | volume    = 9
 | previous  = Eupen
 | next      = Euphonium
 | other_projects = [[wiktionary:euphemism|euphemism]] on [[wiktionary:Main Page|Wiktionary]]

Three (or more) Wikipedia links[edit]

The other_projects parameter can also be used to link to more than two Wikipedia articles when this is useful, and also to refer the reader to other Wikisource articles. Here is an example of more than two Wikipedia links (note that the usual wikipedia parameter needs to be nulled out):

 | volume    = 13
 | previous  = Hillebrand, Karl
 | next      = Hiller, Ferdinand
 | wikipedia =
 | other_projects = [[w:Hillel the Elder|]], [[w:Hillel II|]] and [[w:Hillel, son of Gamaliel III|]] on [[w:Main Page|Wikipedia]]

Extra notes[edit]

 | volume    = 9
 | previous  = Eupatridae
 | next      = Euphemism
 | extra_notes = Now part of Belgium.


Any footer on this documentation page corresponds to one of the examples, and probably the first one rather than the last one.