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Müller, Friedrich
Edition of 1920. See also Maler Müller on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

MÜLLER, Friedrich, called “Maler Müller,” or “Müller the Painter,” German artist and poet: b. Kreuznach, 13 Jan. 1749; d. Rome, 23 April 1825. Some of his etchings, animals, compositions in the Flemish style, pastoral scenes, etc., were remarkable for their originality and freedom. He deserves more credit as a poet, for at a time when German poetry had degenerated, Müller helped to give a new impulse to German literature. His best works, ‘Nible,’ ‘Faust’ and ‘Genevieve,’ are characterized by richness, warmth and elevated delineation of character, though sometimes wild and disconnected.