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Oersted, Anders Sandöe
Edition of 1920. See also Anders Sandøe Ørsted on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

OERSTED, ėr'stĕd, Anders Sandöe, Danish statesman, brother of Hans Christian Oersted: b. Rudkjöbing, 21 Dec. 1778; d. Copenhagen, 1 May 1860. He studied philosophy and law at Copenhagen and was admitted to the bar in 1799. He became a famous jurist, was appointed Attorney-General in 1825 and drew up the Constitution granted in 1831. He was cabinet minister, 1842-48 and from October 1853 to December 1854 was Prime Minister, his speedy resignation being forced by his unpopular conservatism, a distinct departure from his earlier politics. He was impeached with his entire cabinet, but all were acquitted. Œrsted wrote on Hegelian philosophy, on Danish and Norwegian law (1822-23), on Scandinavian politics (1857) and has left an interesting autobiography (1856).