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Philo Byblius, Herennius
Edition of 1920. See also Philo of Byblos on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

PHILO BYBLIUS, fī'lō bib'lǐ-ūs, Herennius, Phœnician grammarian: b. Byblos, Phœnicia; flourished between 64 and 141 A.D. He is the author of a famous historical work, ‘Concerning Cities and Their Renowned Citizens.’ It is in 30 books and has proved the thesaurus of later grammarians. He also executed a translation of the alleged work of Sanchuniathon (q.v.), of which some fragments have survived and have been published in the third volume of Müller's ‘Fragmenta Historicorum Græcorum,’ Vol. III. The alleged complete text of Sanchoniathon, which was discovered in a Portuguese monastery and published by Wagenfeld (1837), proved to be a forgery.