The Histories (Tacitus)

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The Histories  (1876) 
by Tacitus, translated by Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb
Translation based on Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb (1876).

See Histories (Tacitus) for other translations of this work.


In June 68, the emperor Nero was deposed in favour of the elderly general Galba, and committed suicide. Beginning in January 69, Tacitus tells the story of the Year of Four Emperors, as Galba was overthrown by Otho, Otho by Vitellius, and finally, Vitellius by Vespasian. The later books, which originally covered the majority of Vespasian's reign and those of his sons Titus and Domitian, have not survived.

  • Book 1: January - March, C.E. 69 50%.svg
  • Book 2: March - August, C.E. 69 50%.svg
  • Book 3: September - December, C.E. 69 50%.svg
  • Book 4: January - November, C.E. 70 50%.svg
  • Book 5: C.E. 70 50%.svg