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Böhtlingk, Otto von
Edition of 1905. See also Otto von Böhtlingk on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

BÖHTLINGK, bẽt'lĭṉk, Otto von (1815-1904). A Russian-German Orientalist and Sanskrit scholar. He was born in Saint Petersburg, studied there and in Berlin and Bonn, and in 1842 returned to Saint Petersburg. He became a member of the Academy of Science in 1855 and a privy councilor in 1875. In 1868 he left Russia and moved to Jena. In 1885 he moved again to Leipzig. In collaboration with Prof. Rudolph Roth of Tübingen, he published his most important work, the great Sanskrit Wörterbuch (Saint Petersburg, 1853-75). An abridgment and supplement of this appeared in 1879-89. His edition of the great Sanskrit grammarian Panini (2d ed., Leipzig, 1878), and of a series of Sanskrit apothegms and proverbial verses, Indische Sprache (2d ed., 3 vols., Saint Petersburg, 1870-73), are standard works; and among his many other publications may be mentioned a Sanskrit-Chrestomathie (Saint Petersburg, 1845; 2d ed., ib. 1877-97), and an edition with translation of a treatise on Hindu poetics by Dandin, Kāvyādarsa (Leipzig, 1890).