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Blum, Ernest
Edition of 1905. See also Ernest Blum on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

BLUM, Fr. pron. blẽN, Ernest (1836—). A French dramatist, born in Paris. He made his debut as a writer at the age of sixteen with Une femme qui mord. As a journalist he has been associated with Charivari, Rappel, Gaulois, and other publications. Many of his dramatic works were written in collaboration with Clairville, Flan, Monnier, Brisharre, Labiche, and others. Among the vaudevilles, librettos, and dramas of this versatile writer, the following are especially noteworthy: Les noces de diable (1862); Rocambole (1864); La jolie parfumeuse (1874); Rose Michel (1875); Espion du roi (1876); Le petit chaperon rouge (1885); Les femmes nerveuses (1888); La rieuse (1894); Le carillon (1897).