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The New International Encyclopædia
Kara Mustapha
Edition of 1905. See also Kara Mustafa Pasha on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

KARA MUSTAPHA, kä'rȧ mụs'tȧ-fä (?-1683). A grand vizier of Turkey. He was the son of a spahi, and was educated by Mohammed Kiuprili. After the death of Ahmed Kiuprili in 1676, Mohammed IV. made Kara Mustapha Grand Vizier. He proved to be incapable, and was defeated repeatedly in the various wars. He is especially remembered for his siege of Vienna in 1683, where, in order not to be compelled to share the prospective booty with his soldiers, he delayed the assault so long that John Sobieski of Poland arrived on the scene in time, and together with the German princes inflicted a crushing defeat upon the Turks. The Sultan finally ordered Kara Mustapha to be strangled.