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Edition of 1905. See also Daniel Bennett St. John Roosa on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

ROOSA, rōō'sȧ, Daniel Bennett St. John (1838— ). An American physician, born at Bethel, Sullivan County, N. Y. He graduated in 1860 at the medical school of the University of New York, was assistant-surgeon in the Fifth New York Volunteers' three-months' troops, became resident surgeon at the New York Hospital in 1862, and in 1864, after study in Europe, began practice in New York City. From 1863 to 1882 he was professor of diseases of the eye and ear in the medical school of the University of the City of New York (now New York University), and from 1875 to 1880 held a similar chair in the University of Vermont (Burlington). In 1888 he was appointed professor of diseases of the eye in the New York Post-Graduate Medical School, of whose faculty he also became president. He was one of the founders of the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital. Among his original works are: A Treatise on the Ear (1866) and On the Necessity of Wearing Glasses (1877).