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Vulpius, Christian August
Edition of 1905. See also Christian August Vulpius on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

VULPIUS, vụl'pḗ-ụs, Christian August (1762-1827). A German novelist and dramatist, born at Weimar. He studied at Jena and Erlangen, and, possibly through Goethe's influence, obtained a post in the Weimar Library in 1797. In Weimar he published the typical ‘penny dreadful’ of the period, Rinaldo Rinaldini, the robber Captain, often translated and imitated, but still unrivaled on its bad eminence. He published a large number of romantic operas, dramas, and tales, and was active also as editor. He died at Weimar. His sister, Christiane (1765-1816) became the wife of Goethe. See Goethe.