The Satires of Juvenal

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Juvenal Satires
by Juvenal, translated by G. G. Ramsay and John Dryden's team of editors
The Satires are a collection of satirical poems by the Latin author Juvenal written in the late 1st and early 2nd centuries CE.

Juvenal is credited with sixteen known poems divided between five books; all are in the Roman genre of Satire, which, at its most basic in the time of the author, comprised a wide-ranging discussion of society and social mores in dactylic hexameter. These five books were discrete works, and there is no reason to assume that they were published at the same time or that they are identical in theme or in approach. The poems are not individually titled, but translators have often added titles for the convenience of readers.— Excerpted from Satires of Juvenal on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Book I
Book II
Book III
Book IV
Book V